We-Vibe 2 Videos

If you've seen a good We-Vibe 2 Video please feel free to contact us and we'll post it in this section. We've been amazed at the positive response the We-Vibe 2's received and all the amazing videos that have been created.

We also have a section dedicated to We-Vibe 2 Video Reviews.

Official We-Vibe instructional video

We-Vibe Video Demonstration from the makers of the We-Vibe which explains what the We-vibe is and it's features, and how to use and care for it.

Bella Donna and the We-Vibe

The inventor of the We-Vibe shows Belladonna the We-Vibe in Use.

3d animation of the We-Vibe

This We-Vibe demo features a 3d animation showing the exterior from every angle.

We-vibe on CBC news

The We-Vibe and it's creator Bruce Murison and his wife are featured on CBC News.

Interview at the Oscars Secret Room

Melody Murison the Director of Business developer for the We-Vibe and wife of the inventor talks about how the We-Vibe works in action at the Oscars Secret Room.

We-Vibe Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas interview with Jayme Waxman

Interview with Bruce Murison the inventor of the We-Vibe where he explains the invention of the we-vibe.